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Vertical Market – M2M
Designed and co-developed a wide variety of wireless products across many applications including:
Home & Security Vehicle & Personal Tracking
Automated Meter Reading
Sales & Payment
Vehicle & Personal Tracking
Remote Control & Monitoring
Wireless Local Loop
Wireless Monitoring Solutions in Security
The security sector is increasingly moving towards wireless communications to further strengthen its offering of alarm and surveillance solutions for consumers and companies. Installation cost, redundancy and communication standardization are some of the drivers.

By using security device technology together with wireless communication over RF and GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless networks, we are able to offer wireless security management solutions to fulfill your needs. SG continues developing pioneer ideas and use new techniques.

Automated Meter Reading
Ideal for residential housing developments and commercial/industrial developments, we can customize a solution for you using automated meter reading technology together with wireless communication over RF and GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless networks, which will reduces the cost and increases safety by eliminating the need to have staff reading meters. Instant and accurate readings mean faster collection of payment.
Sales & Payment
Secure and reliable point-of-sales terminals are moving closer to the customer interface. Vending machines, remote credit-card terminals and parking meters are all increasingly dependent on online communication to support real-time payments and secure credit-card transactions. M2M communication makes this possible.
Whereas wireless (short/medium range and cellular) EPOS terminals represent a relatively small percentage of the total terminal market, they constitute.the fastest growing segment thanks to demand from emerging sectors such as taxis and open-air markets, as well as emerging countries lacking a reliable fixed line structure.
Vehicle /Personal Tracking/Fleet Management
Fleet Management Asset, Inventory, People & Animal Tracking.
GPS personal tracking devices are used in a variety of GPS systems. They are a very new development in the arena of GPS tracking. Use personal tracking devices for lone worker applications, elderly and infirm monitoring and also child tracking.
By using the GPS, GSM & SMS technologies to enable businesses to keep track of their fleets of vehicles individuals or businesses to keep track of their vehicles or fleets while at the same time minimize risk of theft or hijack.
Remote Control & Monitoring
When it comes to the finer points of machine to machine communication, every deployment is unique. However, there are four basic stages that are common to just about every M2M application. Those components are:
1) Collection of data
2) Transmission of selected data through a communication network
3) Assessment of the data
4) Response to the available information
Monitoring & control data can be incorporated into customer-relationship management systems for logging service and maintenance history.
Benefits of using wireless remote control & monitoring.
Optimize Your Resources
Improve Your Asset Ulilization
Strengthen Your Customer Communication
Smart Gears can provide Backend/Front End solutions for Wireless Remote Monitoring and Alert applications.
Wireless Local Loop
Wireless Local Loop (WLL) is a form of fixed wireless technology for the local loop - the last portion of facilities for connection between local exchange, fixed network switching equipment and the customers. WLL is different from and simpler than mobile wireless, because it doesn't utilize client devices moving in and out of coverage areas.
  • Least Cost Routers
  • Fixed Wireless Terminals
  • Faxing Solutions
  • Future of WLL
    While WLL has been quite well accepted in developing countries in which traditional fixed network assets are lacking, it has not yet really taken off in more developed countries. However, WLL is expected to begin to pick up momentum as operators realize that the investment to acquire potential customers can be much less with WLL, due to the fact that most of the cost in the traditional local-loop is actually the labor to install facilities in the ground. Regulatory and business issues aside, operators may also find that WLL can be a much faster to deploy technical solution for entering the competitive fixed network business than traditional solutions. Fixed/Mobile network integration will also play a role in WLL as operators realize that they can better integrate the two services if they can control the both the business and technical aspects of service delivery.