Reference Design & Case Study
Case Study 1
Intelligent GSM-GPRS Modem
Re-design using Wavecom wireless CPU instead of an international brand wireless module
Re-design with a qualified Power Supply Unit compliant to international safety standard
Re-design the Mechanical (alloy casing)
Several components were replaced
Total saving 40% in BOM & 20% in manufacturing cost after Redesign with SG

Case Study 2
Modular metal casing: A modular metal casing assembly that can fit a variety of electronic boards and connectors styles, thus reducing tooling non-recursive engineering costs.

Case Study 3
A modular device containing a cellular modem main unit and its associated plug-n-play expansions boards (patent pending), such system enabling the user to change the features of his device in seconds.

Case Study 4
GSM modem expansion module for energy meter for a Chinese customer, which adds cellular connectivity to the isolated meter.