Smart Gears’ experience and skills cover a wide range of technology areas.
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Cellular technologies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) Top
In a world where virtually everyone has a mobile in its pocket, we all recognize that cellular phone has deeply changed the society over the last two decades: how would you live now without voice calls, SMS or Internet in your hand? From the firsts GSM networks to HSDPA and beyond, the technologies have been constantly
evolving, enabling more and more features year after year. Just imagine how such increase in connectivity could benefit the machines around us, and you will know why we strongly believe in M2M.
Smart Gears engineers have been working in partnership with GSM module manufacturers since its creation. From this time, we have been surfing on the wave of innovation in designing our cellular modems line. Our team has managed to develop a real expertise about the use of GSM, GPRS, Edge, 3G modules, on the hardware side (integration, design of cellular modems) as well as on the software side (open AT programming, features optimization, etc.), to deliver our customers the reliable and efficient solutions they need.
On-board GPS Navigation Systems are becoming more and more commonplace in vehicles of all types. These systems must have the ability to acquire the satellite signals and produce an accurate first position solution very quickly, often in difficult locations such as urban canyons and deep inside parking structures
and also meet the stringent environmental requirements of the vehicular industry.
Smart Gears offers product solutions specific to these applications to ensure that the highest level of performance possible is achieved anytime, anywhere. Our powerful Navigation, including Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology as well as Dead Reckoning capability, runs on a wide variety of host processor platforms and is host Operating System independent.
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications provide asset tracking and monitoring capabilities based on the high performance and ease of use of the GPS receiver technology, powerful Navigation Software and available Assisted GPS which even further enhances the GPS receiver performance.
RF Design Top
With nearly a million units up and running in small, medium, and large-scale wireless mesh networks around the world, RF technology addresses the specific characteristics and needs of today's smart sensor and RFID environments. More than just a wireless technology, Smart Gear had a complete ready-to-use OEM
solution that opens up new product and service possibilities for your company. Our customers are already building innovative products in these categories:
  • Automatic meter management and remote data monitoring
  • Industrial automation, telemetry, and traceability applications
  • RFID for personal tagging and track & trace systems
    Connectivity is a key point in industrial machinery. A machine that can not be connected to another machine or to a controller is a useless machine. Serial connections protocols have been the historical par excellence choice for industrial devices, and protocols such as RS-232, RS-485 or Modbus are universally used
    solutions nowadays, being supported by many, if not all the Smart Gears products.
    Apart from serial channels, Ethernet is also a growing trend in industrial M2M. Allowing a higher bit rate while being built to industrial standards of simplicity and reliability, enabling point-to-point or network architectures and beneficing from the whole range of devices produced by network manufacturers, it appears at a solution of choice for many. Smart Gears already provides Ethernet enabled products in order to suit and adapt to the requirements of any customer.
    But sometimes, cables may not be enough, and requirement will go for wireless connection. Using top grade Bluetooth, Zigbee or Wifi modules from the most reliable manufacturers, Smart Gears helps you set up anything from transparent cable replacement to self-organizing mesh networks.