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> Smart Gears team has entered in the Telecom industry since 1996. The company was encorporated in 2007.
> Our Headquarter office in Hong Kong, and had subsidiaries at Shenzhen &Shanghai.
> We provide engineering services for M2M applications.
> We customize wireless industrial applications to satisfy the diverse needs of M2M customers, & tailor-made wireless devices for corporate customers.

Smart Gear constantly works on cost reduction of your existing wireless device, or complete solution.

Design and development engineering capabilities from Smart-Gears and its partners include:
- Mechanical Design / Plastic Tool Design
- Electronics and Software Designs
- Product Test Development
- Regulatory Compliance Engineering & Testing
Market is complex, small volumes and fragmented
Smart Gears aims to facilitate the integration of wireless solution for the M2M Market.
Develop customized wireless applications to satisfy the diverse needs of M2M
Develop tailored wireless devices for corporate customers