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Our flexible technical staff is split in 4 different teams:
Hardware engineering: Experienced engineers with sound knowledge, PCB
design, mechanics, production and quality control;
Software engineering: Software team with a strong knowledge on C & C++
language. Proficient with Wavecom Open Platform (Open AT)
Mechanical engineering: Experienced engineers with deep knowledge in
mechanical design: injection mould project, skilful in CAD…; Technical
support: dedicated pre- and after-sales team with fast reaction time to customers’ technical inquiries.
Project management team: They follow up ODM & OEM projects and manage of manufacturing contracts deal with customers,
vendors / partners. They are also used in developing systems to ensure products or services are designed and produced to
meet or exceed customer requirements.
> Frank Tang - Technical Director: Mr. Tang is the head of the R&D department. Since 1994, he is working for Fargo Telecom and has developed all Maestro modems with his team. He is a graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic in manufacturing engineering.
Contact: Frank Tang – Technical Director
Email : frank.tang@smart-gears.com.hk
M2M PRODUCTS -Senior Account Manager:
> Steve Tse - graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering and later was awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy in Hong Kong.   He has more than 8 years of experience in sales and project management of consumer electronic products. He was appointed as Account Manager of the company in September 2007. He is responsible for the ODM and OEM account management of our wireless products.
                    Contact: Steve Tse – Senior Account Manager
                                 Email : steve.tse@smart-gears.com.hk
GPS Product -Development Manager:
> Calvin Yau - hold a Bachelor degree and a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has more than 8 years experience in Wireless product development projects. Mr Yau joined the company in January 2011 as Product Development Manager overseeing the development & customer support of GPS products.
Contact: Calvin Yau- GPS Product Development Manager
                                 Email : Calvin.Yau@smart-gears.com.hk
M2M SOLUTIONS-  Project Executive:
>Pierre-Emmanuel Surga - graduated with Master’s degree of electronic and information engineering at Hong Kong City University and holds a Master’s degree of engineering from the French École Supérieure d’Électronique de l’Ouest with specialization in electronics and signal processing. He is now working on M2M project follow-up, from writing product specifications to validating the deliverables.
                              Contact: Pierre-Emmanuel– Project Executive
                               Email : pierre@smart-gears.com.hk
MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Business Development Manager:
> Matthieu Boulanger - graduated from the Asian Superior Management Institute in France and integrate Maestro Wireless Solutions in 2007 as Marketing and Strategy Department, he is now leading the marketing team. Veryu aware of market evolution and application in M2M, Mr Boulanger is also in charge of the Australian and New Zealand area.
                    Contact: Matthieu Boulanger – Business Development Manager
                           Email : Matthieu.Boulanger@smart-gears.com.hk